BLOSSOM TOES  (1967-8)

Drums/Vibes/Flute. – with Brian Godding, Jim Cregan and Brian Belshaw -  See Brian Godding´s site.  Several recordings.

Played on Gordon Jackson´s ¨Thinking Back ¨ (1969) - with Capaldi, Mason, Steve Winwood, Julie Driscoll, Ric Grech, Luther Grosvenor, Jim King, Chris Wood


Vibes/Keys/Flute – with Trevor Lucas, Gerry Conway, Gary Boyle, Dorris Henderson, First band I didn´t play drums. With them for 8 months before joining Family - one/two recordings - Eclection

Born John Michael Palmer, May 26, 1943.

Worcester, England

THE HELLIONS  (1964-1965)

Drums/Vibes/Flute - with Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason, Gordon Jackson and Dave Meredith – The Hellions

DEEP FEELING  (1966-7)  

Drums/Vibes/Flute - with Capaldi, Luther Grosvenor (later of Spooky Tooth), Gordon Jackson and Dave Meredith. Some recordings. - Deep Feeling

The story so far...

FAMILY   (1969-1972)

Vibes/Flute/Piano/Synths.   see Family site

Played on the albums:  ¨Song for Me¨, ¨Old Songs-New Songs¨, ¨Anyway¨, ¨Fearless¨, ¨Bandstand¨

And the singles: ¨In My Own Time¨, ¨Burlesque¨, ¨Strange Band¨, ¨Today¨,


Played Flute/Vibes/Marimba on Linda Lewis´  ¨Lark¨   (1972)

and  ¨Fathoms Deep¨    (1973)

Produced Isotope's ¨Illusion¨    (1974)

The Sydney Opera House commissioned the rock opera "HERO¨ which I wrote with folk-poet Don Henderson and journalist Craig McGregor.  (1974-1975)

Played Vibes on the Peter Frampton album ¨Frampton¨    (1975)

Engineered the narration and final mixdown of Brian Eno & Pete Sinfield's ¨From Ibiza ¨  (1979)

Played with
Hinkley's Heroes (1976-79)

Toured with Elkie Brooks Band (1979-80)


Played on several Streetwalkers and Roger Chapman albums (1974-1984)

Played Marimba/Vibes on Pete Townshend's  ¨All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes¨   (1982)


Engineered & produced Henry McCullough´s ¨All Shook Up¨ (1982)

Gigged with The Chuck Farley Band (1981-89)

Toured with Roger Chapman´s Shortlist (1981-89)

Engineered & played on Chuck Farley´s ¨Live¨ album (1983)

Recorded a solo album ¨Human Error¨ (1985)


Engineered Pat Crumly´s album ¨Strata¨ (1985)

Engineered Kevin Ayers´  ¨As Close As You Think¨ (1986)

In the ’90’s, I was playing with:

Steve Waller’s Overload  & Brendan Hoban’s AXIS

In the 2000’s:. I played with The Blues Engineers & RhythmRising, as well as a reformed Chuck Farley Band

     I did the Family Reunion gigs from 2014 to 2017

... and at the moment, I’m working with Roger Chapman’s Shortlist and doing a bit of writing and producing............

and ON it goes....